How to claim with Agria

To make a claim, simply follow the steps below. We can settle directly with your vet and we pay 97% of claims

Steps to making a claim

Step 1
Begin by downloading and printing out a claim form. You will need your Agria Pet Insurance policy number to complete this form. Please view your terms and conditions for details about your policy cover or call us for more information.
Step 2
Complete and sign section 1 of the form and ask your vet to complete and sign section 2 of the form. The more information that you provide the easier it will be for us to process and assess your claim
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Step 3
Once you are happy with the details you have entered on the form, please place it and any other supporting evidence such as veterinary receipts in an envelope and post to the following address: Agria PO Box 506 Manchester M28 8EN