5 reasons your dog loves going for a walk!

Dogs and walking go hand-in-hand - we explore why it means so much to our four-legged friends!

You put your walking boots on, grab some treats, a few poop bags, and then finally pick up their lead... they know the signs when it's time for walkies! For many dogs, it's their absolute favourite thing to do and there are lots great benefits to your dog as well as helping them to stay fit and healthy.

Knowing your dog plays a huge part in giving them the best time when they're out, as Carolyn Menteith, leading Behaviourist and Trainer, explains: 

"A walk is a wonderful break in the day for your dog, mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s important to know your dog and give them the right kind of exercise, doing what they enjoy. For some dogs, this can be short off-lead sprints, for others long physical exertion is better, and for some, well, they just want to play with their ball while they’re out and about!

"The best thing about walking your dog is that this is the time you can 100% focus on being together – no distractions, no phones or work – just the two of you." 

It can be easy to forget how much a walk means to your dog, and that probably, when we first thought of sharing our lives with a dog, that walking was high up on the list of the things to look forward to about having a canine best friend. 

Some of the great benefits your dog can enjoy on a walk include:

1. Physical exercise - Great for their health and also release happy hormones, just like for people

2. Sniffing - Interesting smells provide mental stimulation, especially somewhere brand new

3. Training and playing - More mental stimulation and happy hormones!

4. Socialising - For some dogs, their favourite part of a walk can be meeting old and new doggy friends

5. Bonding - Quality time together can be great for your relationship

And of course, walking is great for us owners too - check out our blog on mental health and walking here.


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